Saturday, 17 September 2016

Take Care of Yourself, Too!

A very good friend of mine recently told me to take care of myself, too.  I think, sometimes as Moms we are so busy taking care of everyone else around us...that we forget who is really important: WE ARE.  Without us, the whole ship would sink and people would be swimming to the surface looking for lifeboats; but where is our lifeboat?  How are we going to keep our heads above the water in today's world?  We have so many pressures by society on how our lives should "look" and we get so caught up on what our "friends" are doing that we loose track of what is important.  Our health and happiness should be paramount to everything else in our lives.  If we are healthy and happy, then we can fully enjoy the daily hum-drum of having a family while also having the patience and sanity to deal with the (sometimes enormous) bumps in the road.  So why is it that we often find ourselves depleted with nothing left to give?  The answer: we don't take care of ourselves as well as we tend to those around us.  It's a pretty sad fact indeed.  We are so focused on making others happy for so long, that over time, we have forgotten entirely how to take care of number one.  If this is a realization for you then you need to evaluate your life, you need to take count of the ways you can start nurturing yourself back to health.  Maybe plan a weekend getaway with a friend to do some yoga or go to a favorite cafe to savor a warm cup of loose leaf while you complete a sudoku in the first try.  And YES, it's ok to do these things, these things are GOOD.  So mama, the time is now to start feeling better, don't let anything stand in your way.  YOU deserve it!