Monday, 29 February 2016

Extra Day, One Last Thing From The List!

I am taking advantage of our extra day this year to share a familiar but very profound picture with you all:

Yes, you guessed it!  My "To-Do" list from before Christmas time last year.  And today, I finished crossing the second to last thing off.  Can you see what remains on the list about halfway down?  Take a good look...

Yup, you're right again!  I still haven't mailed my Christmas cards (sorry Dad!).  This one thing on my list should have been crossed off weeks before Christmas.  Why did it take me so long to complete this seemingly simple task?  Well, you all know the reasons: time, convenience and money...or lack of any one of these.

OK, so you're thinking, this picture could be familiar because we all have a "To-Do" list kicking around the house somewhere; and sometimes even two or three on multiple devices!  However, what can possibly be so profound about this picture?

Let me explain: I will never have to write "mail cards" on my to-do list ever again!  No, I have not boycotted sending cards in the mail.  I love sending them to people, much more than I love sending e-cards.  When people get an envelope in the mail with their name on it, they usually open it.  And depending on the content inside, they will usually keep it.  I have saved all the letters that I have received from people in the mail over the years.  Nothing is more sentimental than a nice handwritten card or letter with someone's deepest and sincere thoughts, and adding pictures to your letter or card is an especially nice touch.

In case you are wondering about the time-, convenience-, and money-saving way that I am sending things by mail to my peeps nowadays I have provided the link HERE for you to browse and even try out the system for free.  After just a few clicks, you will see why I am so thankful now to have this included on my "Super-WAHM" tool belt!  It will bring my work-at-home businesses into the 21st century and my Dad will actually get that special card on time this year.

Speaking of sending cards...I think I will go get that last thing crossed off my list right now!