Friday, 18 July 2014

To Cloth or Not to Cloth, That is the Question!

But really, should that be the biggest parenting question that new and seasoned parents are facing today?  To use cloth diapers or disposables?  In my opinion, there is no question....the evidence is clear: the environment and our health both lead me to believe that cloth is the only way to go.

I recently read an article that was talking about how important proper sanitation is to developing countries, countries that do not have sewage systems and a designated place to "go".  It made me think about how un-developed we are when it comes to the issue of infant diapering.  We just toss 'em and forget about it, but really what we are doing is contaminating our water systems with every diaper we put out to the curb.  All of our waste should be going into the designated facilities that we have so painstakingly took hundreds of years to develop and implement; with no exception because it came from a child.

You may be surprised to find out that one of the most original prototypes for the disposable diaper was invented by a woman about 65 years ago.  With the most popular brand "Pampers" being introduced in 1961, six years before my favorite year of Corvette was made; I liken Pampers to Corvettes because really, in my experience they both outperform their competitors.  When I think of cloth diapers however, I envision a '67 Vette that has been converted to electric.  That would be sweet, right?!  Yes, we are so advanced nowadays that you CAN actually choose to cloth diaper and have your baby looking trim and cute as ever.

So if it's not the aesthetics that parents are worried about, then what is it?  Surely it can't be the "extra" amount of work it takes to do a few loads of laundry a week, can it?  Last time I checked, it was way more work to get the kids out of the house and all the way to the store only to find out that the kind of diapers you use are not on sale and you are stuck biting the bullet, once again.  And then you have to buy wipes too, don't forget; and while they are handy, most of them are not even wide/thick enough to actually shield your whole hand.  Cloth wipes are oh soo soft and thick and you really only need a couple for even the biggest messes.  I like adding essential oils to the water that I soak my cloths in, it keeps the bacteria away and helps with clean up too.

When a cloth diaper is washed in the washing machine, adding vinegar and tea tree oil along with a small amount of laundry detergent will keep them fresh and sanitary.  No need for hot water, cold is just fine. Doing this prolongs the life of your cloth diapers and keeps your energy bill low.  Most brands currently ask you to tumble dry on the low setting on your dryer, this will also save energy because less wattage is being used to do the job....and of course in this beautiful weather we can hang up our fluff on the line and skip the dryer all together.  And remember, the bigger the stash the longer you can go between wash days.

I say....go ahead, jump in wholeheartedly to the cloth diapering idea.  You cannot go wrong by trying and after a month you just may wonder what your big hang up was anyways.

I am providing some links for more info as well as my favorite places to buy cloth diapers and accessories.

You will at least give it a try, right?  It's simple: You and your checkbook will be glad you did, I know it!  :)

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Bamboo Diapers


Diaper Ointment


Swim Diapers

Want to know more?  Feel free to comment below.  Happy Diapering!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Here it first blog post EVER! Enjoy ;)

What is a "WAHM" you may ask?  The acronym actually stands for "Work At Home Mom".  If you can believe it though, there have been Moms all over the world for thousands of years that have been working at home all day long, they even work in their sleep!  The biggest difference between one of those stupendous Moms and a WAHM is that the WAHM gets paid in actual green money, while the traditional "Stay At Home Mom" gets paid when they hear their child sing the ABC's for the first time, or when they see the beautiful artwork that was created on the wall while they were in the next room changing the baby.  Moments like these are all too precious to give up, in my opinion.  And as my quest to be the best Mom I can be, I feel like it is my duty also to show my children that they are important enough to me to work that extra little bit to pull in some income.  So while there may be times in the day that they don't receive my full attention, at least I am there and can come away from whatever I am doing, even just for a moment to witness when they share a toy or need help doing their zipper.

We really are living in such a privileged society nowadays that enables a Mom to choose from so many income earning jobs that they can do from home.  Or that's what they claim anyways, firstly that you can bring in the income and secondly that you can do it from home.  In my experiences, my expenses have been so high that there has actually been a negative income being created; but here's the catch, you are soo busy with all the hype that you loose track of how much you spent vs. how much you made...until tax time comes around and you realize you have lost money!  What kind of reward is that for all your hard work?  As far as the working from home goes, you get all signed up with these companies and they tell you to leave the kids at home.  With who?  Unless you have a free babysitter with a very open schedule (not likely) you will have to pay someone to come and care for your children.  This cost offsets the very money that you are walking out the door to do for your "work from home" job.

Now, I can tell you of another acronym that I know as well: "JOB" stands for "Just Over Broke".  And I'm sure that this is how most people feel three days after they get their paycheck and all the bills are paid and groceries are bought.  Broke, and tired and maybe even wondering what the point of it all is.  Is this a good way to live?  Or maybe you've gone to school for so many years of your young adulthood, because you had a good upbringing and you know that if you invest in yourself it pays out well in the end.  Sure, if that's the case, then three days after your paycheck you will still be able to go to a restaurant for a meal or two, maybe go buy a new pair of shoes or go to the spa (ahhh sweet peace).  However, if you ceased working for a few months so would your paycheck and you would be left with a depleted bank account.  Does that sound like true stability?

My answers to these questions are simple: no!  No, it is not good to live with the stress of the paycheck to paycheck "hamster wheel" and no it is not good to keep working at a stressful job just because it pays well.  And that brings me to another point....stress.  You know that feeling you get when you start your car up in the morning hoping to make it to work on time because you slept through your alarm, and you know that you could be fired if you can't make up a better excuse?  And the "I hope I don't get into an accident on the way to work today because I have to speed just to make it on time."? this why our insurance rates are so high?  Because people have no stability in their life that they can't even be 15 minutes late or they'll get fired?

No thanks, I don't want that kind of stress and inflexibility.  It's too much for this lady to handle.  So that's why I have been "pounding the proverbial pavement" for years trying to find the perfect fit for the lifestyle that I want and need.  And you know what?  I have found it!  It is my best kept secret but if you are curious on how to improve your quality of life, please let me know.  I would be delighted to help.  In fact, that's my greatest reward: helping others reach their goals :)

With all that off my mind I am able to promise you a little something more intriguing for my next blog post, which you will see in a couple weeks, no doubt.

Take care in the meantime :)

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